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Baijnath and Mahakal temple

Baijnath and Mahakal temple – 9 Kms.

Mahakal: The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and considered centuries old. The Temple complex houses in also a separate temple of Sani Dev (God Saturn).
The visit to temple is especially for blessings of God Sani and to throw away the bad effects and Gain bless- ings.
Baijnath Mandir: Bajinath was built by the two native merchants by the name of Ahuka and Manyuka in 1204

A.D. In the porch of the temple, the two long inscrip- tions state that before the present temple, there was a shrine of Lord Shiva at the same spot. Lord Shiva is commemorated here as Vaidyanath (the Lord of Physi- cian) and is placed in the form of ‘Lingam’ (phallic form of Lord Shiva). The main sanctum comprises five pro- jections on every side and a tall curved shikhar (spire). The history of Baijnath temple is inscribed on the stone slabs inside the complex. As per the beliefs, Ravana (King of Lanka) had worshipped Lord Shiva in this tem- ple. The water of this temple is believed to contain medicinal properties.